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TOP 5+ Hanoi tours: BEST tour from Hanoi!

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If you are looking for some amazing destinations to visit from Hanoi, you are in luck. Hanoi is a great base to explore the north of Vietnam, with plenty of options for different tastes and budgets. In this blog post, we will share with you our top 5+ Hanoi tours: tour from Hanoi that will make your trip unforgettable.

Some tips to find the perfect Hanoi tour?

Choosing the best Hanoi tour involves considering various factors to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Itinerary and Activities: Review the itinerary to see the places and activities included in the tour. Ensure the tour covers the attractions and experiences you’re most excited about.
  • Group Size: Determine if you prefer a small, intimate group or a larger group experience. Smaller groups can offer more personalized attention and a more immersive experience.
  • Guides and Expertise: Inquire about the guides’ qualifications, language proficiency, and knowledge of the local area. A knowledgeable and friendly guide can greatly enhance your tour experience.
  • Inclusions and Exclusions: Review what is included in the tour package (transportation, meals, entrance fees, etc.). Clarify any additional costs or expenses that are not covered by the tour.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Check if the tour allows for customization or if it’s a fixed itinerary. Some operators may offer tailored experiences to match your specific interests.
  • Value for Money: Compare the price of the tour with the inclusions, quality, and uniqueness of the experience. Sometimes, a slightly higher-priced tour can offer better value due to better services and experiences.

Remember, involving your children in the decision-making process can make the experience more enjoyable and memorable for the whole family.

Detailed review top 5+ hanoi tours: Your gateway to unforgettable adventures

Get ready for a deep dive into our in-depth analysis of the top 5+ Hanoi tours, all of which offer you a ticket to unforgettable adventures. From cultural immersions to thrilling experiences, our detailed review opens the door to a range of options that will turn your Hanoi trip into an exceptional and enduring memory.

1. Hanoi tour to Ninh Binh

  • Duration: full-day ~11h
  • Itinerary: Hanoi Old Quarter – Hoa Lu ancient capital – Mua Cave – Tam Coc – Bich Dong Pagoda (Each tour varies with adjusted itineraries)
  • Price: from $84.00 per adult
  • Group size: max of 7 per group

This Hanoi tour experience offers an 11-hour escape into Ninh Binh’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Discover the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, venture into the fascinating Mua Cave, traverse the tranquil Tam Coc caves on a boat, and pedal through the picturesque fields to the mesmerizing Bich Dong Pagoda cave temples. With authentic Vietnamese cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, and enriching cultural encounters, this tour promises a day filled with unforgettable memories.

The breathtaking scenery of Ninh Binh seen from above during the journey from Hanoi to Ninh Binh tour.
The breathtaking scenery of Ninh Binh seen from above during the journey from Hanoi to Ninh Binh tour.


  • Explore Hoa Lu, Vietnam’s first capital
  • Climb 500 steps for panoramic views at Mua Cave
  • Experience a boat cruise with magnificent views and a chance to appreciate Tam Coc’s beauty
  • Cycle to the historic Bich Dong Pagoda
  • Enjoy a scenic bike ride through rural villages and riverside pathways
  • Relish an authentic set menu lunch by the river
  • Professional English-speaking guide
  • Enjoy the convenience of a limousine van.
  • Discover historical Le and Dinh dynasty temples
  • This tour requires favorable weather conditions.
  • Confirmation and detailed pick-up instructions will be provided upon booking.
  • Raincoats are provided for unexpected weather changes.

From delectable midday repasts to a mosaic of activities, the tour guarantees an enlivening and unforgettable sojourn. Experience the beauty of Vietnam’s past and present, savor delectable cuisine, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your spot today and get ready to explore the hidden gems of Ninh Binh Province!

2. Hanoi Tour to Bat Trang Ceramic Village by jeep

  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Itinerary: Hanoi Old Quarter –  Bat Trang Ceramic Village
  • Price: from $59.00 per adult
  • Group size: max of 10 per group

Step away from the urban hustle and discover a serene retreat with the Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tour. This unique expedition is your gateway to the peaceful landscapes, traditional villages, and historical enclaves of the Red River Delta. Embark on a 4.5-hour adventure, available in morning and afternoon options, and escape to a world where time slows down. Traverse through charming villages, explore the locals’ way of life, and witness the evolving impacts of urbanization. 

An exciting jeep journey to the rural village of Bat Trang
An exciting jeep journey to the rural village of Bat Trang


  • Scenic countryside vistas on a vintage jeep.
  • Immerse in the tranquility of rural landscapes.
  • Discover traditional villages and their charm
  • Be prepared for a journey that blends insights with cultural interactions.
  • Capture the picturesque farmlands for memorable photographs.
  • Engage in a hands-on ceramic class and create your piece of art.
  • Organic and healthy Hanoi food at Hidden Gem Cafe
  • Dress comfortably and protect yourself from the sun with hats and sunscreen.
  • Inform your guide of dietary preferences for a personalized experience.

The Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tour doesn’t just take you places; it connects you to the heart of rural Vietnam. Amidst the Red River Delta’s scenic vistas, this journey unveils the evolving cultural fabric and lets you craft memories that linger. As you delve into Bat Trang ceramic village, hands-on craftsmanship enhances your experience, leaving you with artistic keepsakes and a profound connection to local traditions.

3. Hanoi tour to Sapa Real Experience at Local People House

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Itinerary: Hanoi Old Quarter – Sapa
  • Price: from $75.00 per adult
  • Group size: max of 15 per group

This small-group adventure allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant landscapes and connect deeply with the local culture. An expert guide leads you on guided treks through mesmerizing terraced rice fields, inviting you to stay overnight in a local farming family’s home. You will have the opportunity to engage firsthand in their daily life, including the chance to work in their fields and experience a genuine taste of Sapa’s charm, unfiltered and extraordinary.

Tourists excitedly checked in with a local companion in Sapa.
Tourists excitedly checked in with a local companion in Sapa.


  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Sapa’s landscapes.
  • Get an intimate insight into the traditional lifestyle of the ethnic Hmong community.
  • Overnight stay in a farming family’s home: Experience genuine hospitality and deepen your cultural understanding through personal connections.
  • Roll up your sleeves and work alongside your hosts in their fields—a rare opportunity to truly connect with the local life.
  • Relish in delicious home-cooked meals that reflect the region’s culinary delights.
  • Convenient sleeper bus transport: Travel comfortably between Hanoi and Sapa on a sleeper bus with air-conditioning.
  • Benefit from the insights and anecdotes shared by your knowledgeable guide throughout the journey.
  • Your trip covers meals, accommodations, transportation, and expert guiding.
  • Service animals allowed

This 2-day homestay and trekking adventure in Sapa is a gateway to genuine encounters, captivating landscapes, and an immersion into the heart of local life. Experience the vibrancy of Sapa’s terraced fields, traditional culture, and ethnic Hmong community in a way that leaves lasting memories. Engage in activities that truly connect you with the land and its people. With all-inclusive perks, including accommodations, meals, transportation, and expert guidance, this journey promises an unforgettable venture into the soul of Sapa.

Ready to embark on an authentic journey? Book your spot now and step into the real Sapa, away from the ordinary.

4. Hanoi tour to Ha Long Bay in cruise

  • Duration: 6–12 hours
  • Itinerary: Hanoi Old Quarter – Ha Long Bay
  • Price: from $56.00 per adult
  • Group size: max of 45 per group

Halong Bay is a breathtaking natural marvel that captivates all who venture there. Embarking on a Hanoi tour to Halong Bay by cruise promises to transport you to majestic landmarks and awe-inspiring landscapes. This immersive excursion promises a seamless blend of cultural discovery, breathtaking sights, and authentic cuisine, making it the ideal choice for those eager to explore the city’s essence in just a few hours.

The magnificent scenery of Halong Bay - one of the world's natural wonders.
The magnificent scenery of Halong Bay – one of the world’s natural wonders.



  • Enjoy an array of exciting activities, including a kayaking adventure, a refreshing beach swim, exploration of the awe-inspiring Sung Sot Cave, and an invigorating hike to the picturesque Titop Island.
  • Be given good information about the places visited and it was funny and entertaining by the tour guide.
  • English-speaking guide for insightful commentary
  • Opting for an extended voyage across Halong Bay opens the door to enhanced relaxation and ample leisure moments.
  • Arriving at your chosen tourist spot ahead of the crowds ensures a more authentic and serene experience.
  • Experience almost the entirety of Halong Bay’s captivating allure and attractions within a single day, following the same itinerary as an overnight cruise.
  • Enjoy Vietnamese traditional with seafood 
  • All entrance fees & tickets included
  • Refreshments and meals provided onboard
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off from Old Quarter provided
  • Coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour package.

This immersive Hanoi City Tour offers an extraordinary chance to uncover the city’s soul in a single day. With a plethora of enriching activities, expertly guided exploration, and the convenience of a comprehensive package, you’re in for an unforgettable journey. Join us on this captivating adventure, and embrace the wonders of Hanoi, all in one exceptional day. Book your tour now and create lasting memories of your time in Vietnam’s vibrant capital city.

5. Hanoi tour to Ha Giang 3D4N

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: from $220.00 per adult
  • Group size: max of 12 per group

This captivating Ha Giang from Hanoi tour promises an extraordinary adventure through stunning landscapes and cultural revelations. As you traverse the Ma Pi Leng Pass and experience the thrill of waterfall jumping, you’ll be captivated by the beauty that this region offers. Dive into the local H’mong culture, all while enjoying comfortable accommodations and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. 

Experiencing the journey to Ha Giang: navigating rocky paths that engage all senses
Experiencing the journey to Ha Giang: navigating rocky paths that engage all senses


  • The journey covers approximately 350 kilometers over three days
  • Experience the exhilaration of waterfall jumping at the Du Gia Waterfall
  • Accommodation and meals: Embrace the authenticity of homestays and local cuisine
  • Enjoy the convenience of Limousine VIP Van transport from Hanoi to Ha Giang and back
  • Benefit from a knowledgeable local guide and a motorbike with an experienced rider
  • Full transfer: Choose between a sleeper bus or luxury bus upgrade for the Hanoi-Ha Giang journey
  • Immerse yourself in the stunning places in Ninh Binh like: Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Du Gia Waterfall…
  • Gain insights into the history and culture at the H’mong King’s Palace
  • Things you should bring: Passport, Sunscreen, Comfortable clothes
  • Safety is a priority: Always follow the guide’s instructions and wear helmets

Pack your spirit of adventure and join for an unforgettable journey that promises the perfect blend of nature, culture, and excitement. Your Ha Giang adventure awaits – book your tour now and experience the allure of northeastern Vietnam like never before.

6. Hanoi tour of traditional cooking class

  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Price: from $34.62 per adult
  • Group size: max of 10 per group

This Hanoi Cooking and Market Tour provides a unique opportunity to unravel the intricacies of Vietnamese gastronomy. With a strong emphasis on interactive learning, you’ll uncover the secrets of traditional dishes, from market to table. Embrace the joy of crafting your own meals, all while savoring the cultural richness of Vietnam. The tour spans approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, with flexible time slots available to suit your schedule.

Joyful tourists relish the results after hours of cooking.
Joyful tourists relish the results after hours of cooking.


  • Certificate of completion and a recipe book included
  • Discover the heart of Hanoi’s vibrant culinary scene
  • Learn from a local expert
  • Navigate a bustling market to select fresh ingredients
  • Engage in hands-on cooking of 5 Vietnamese dishes
  • Relish your culinary creations paired with rice wine
  • Include: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner, Snacks, Coffee and/or Tea, Light refreshments,…
  • No previous cooking experience required
  • Suitable for individuals, couples, and small groups
  • Choose from various timing options for convenience

Review from a traveler on Tripadvisor: “Amazing cooking class with Siri! Cooked delicious traditional dishes and worked together in groups for a very fun class and a wonderful family style dinner eaten together afterwards. The bun cha was my favorite!”

From bustling markets to the art of crafting traditional dishes, this experience promises to be a feast for the senses. The added touch of a certificate of completion and a recipe book ensures that the flavors of Vietnam can continue to tantalize your taste buds long after the tour ends. Don’t hesitate—seize the opportunity to create lasting memories and embrace the essence of Vietnamese culture through its delectable dishes. Secure your place now and get ready for a hands-on adventure that’s both informative and delicious.

Bonus: Hanoi city tour

Hanoi city tour is a great way to discover the beauty and charm of this amazing city. You will be amazed by its history, culture, cuisine, and nightlife. Hanoi will surely leave you with unforgettable memories and impressions. You can refer to the detailed information in the article about Hanoi city tours.

How to book a Hanoi tour?

To secure a Hanoi tour, two avenues are available: contacting local travel companies or utilizing online platforms. Reputable tour operators offer diverse packages to match various preferences. Comparing prices, reviews, and itineraries empowers you to select the best-fitting option. Customization is also an option if you have specific preferences.

Online booking tends to be quicker and more convenient than the traditional agency route. However, ensure the credibility and quality of services before confirming your reservation.

Here are some highly-rated tour booking agencies to consider:

Agency Contact
Hanoi Tour to Bat Trang Ceramic Village by jeep Hanoi Jeep Tour
Hanoi tour to Ninh Binh Vietnam Open Day Tours
Hanoi tour to Sapa Real Experience at Local People House Vietnam Real Tour
Hanoi tour to Ha Long Bay in cruise AZcruise
Hanoi tour to Ha Giang and Return Ha Giang Amazing Tours
Hanoi tour of traditional cooking class Apron up cooking class

Delve into the captivating facets of Hanoi with our selection of the best 5+ Hanoi tours. These curated experiences provide a gateway to truly understanding the city’s rich tapestry. Embark on a journey that promises authentic encounters, diverse routes, and local perspectives, all weaving together to unravel the true spirit of Hanoi. So, make your choice from our array of tours, immerse yourself in the allure of adventure, and craft indelible memories while unraveling the dynamic core of this vibrant city.

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