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Top 10 best spa hanoi for relaxing and rejuvenating experience

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If you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in Hanoi, you might want to check out some of the best spa services in the city. These spas offer a variety of services, from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures, that will pamper you and make you feel refreshed. Here are some of the best spas in Hanoi that you should not miss:

Summary table of 10 quality prestigious spas in Hanoi

Name of store/service

Distinctive feature

HER Skincare & Spa

Quality beauty address

Thien Ha Beauty Spa

Possessing modern proprietary technology in the world

De L’Amour Spa

Professional spa services

La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa

Prestigious spa in Hanoi

She Beauty & Spa

3 facilities located on major roads

Amadora Wellness & Spa

Ideal spa art

Oanh Beauty Spa

Murad’s brand ambassador

Anam QT Spa

Place of emotional sublimation

Dr.Magic Skin & Clinic

24K gold microneedle technology

International beauty brand from Korea

List of top 10 favorite quality prestigious spas in Hanoi

Spa has two main meanings: a place for health and beauty care, and a specialized place for relaxation. Thus, the characteristics of the spa bring us quite a lot: relaxation, mental comfort and stimulation of the senses with its own space and sound. This article will introduce a list of top 10 prestigious spas in Hanoi worth experiencing !

1. HER Skincare & Spa – quality spa Hanoi address

Along with quality products, HER Skincare & Spa is a spa Hanoi trusted by customers because of its modern machinery system. All equipment at HER is sourced from powers such as the US and South Korea,…

Space at HER Skincare & Spa
Space at HER Skincare & Spa

With HER, beauty must always be associated with safety. Not only that, in order to promote faster treatment, the technicians of HER Skincare & Spa are well-trained from the most basic knowledge of skin care to in-depth techniques.

Distinctive features


  • Modern machinery system
  • Form of consultation 1-1
  • Deep Cleansing technology is medically evaluated
  • Book a schedule via hotline number in advance

In particular, HER is one of the few beauty establishments that offers a 1-on-1 consultation. Each client who comes to HER will be supported for a lifetime by a consultant. They are the ones who help you monitor your skin, build a roadmap, and answer questions during care.

Quickly book an appointment and come here to experience extremely attractive promotions.

2. Galaxy Beauty Salon – owning modern exclusive technology in the world

  • Address: 176 Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • Galaxy Beauty Salon
  • Hotline: 0948 279 393 & 0943 439 999

Galaxy Beauty Salon is proud to be a beauty & spa Hanoi facility possessing modern exclusive technology in the world. With professional cosmetic procedures, Galaxy Beauty Salon is a prestigious beauty address of artists and millions of customers in Vietnam. Galaxy Beauty Salon is a gathering place for a team of leading cosmetologists at home and abroad. The specialists are well-trained, experienced and dedicated to the profession. With the most modern technology and equipment system, Galaxy affirms its position as a reliable aesthetic center for all customers with beauty needs. It also promises to bring you a confident, most beautiful appearance.

Galaxy Beauty Salon made its name in the beauty industry 
Galaxy Beauty Salon made its name in the beauty industry

Distinctive features


  • The most modern machinery
  • There are many particular services
  • It will be quite crowded on holidays, so book via hotline in advance
  • The price is a bit high

Coming to Galaxy Beauty Salon, you will experience the standard procedure and treatment regimen developed by foreign experts. In order to give customers a thorough therapeutic effect after only 1 course. Some of the strong services of this salon can be mentioned as: melasma treatment, freckles, acne treatment, scar treatment, white bath, cosmetic tattoo. Come to Galaxy Beauty Institute to experience high-tech aesthetic services because this place owns all the standards to conquer all your requirements!

3. De L’Amour Spa – Professional Spa Hanoi Service

  • Address: 1st Floor, Hoa Cuong Building, No. 18, Lane 11 Thai Ha, Dong Da District, Hanoi
  • De L’Amour Spa
  • Hotline: 0947 019 567

The next name in the top 10 luxury beauty spas in Hanoi is De L’Amour Spa. This spa Hanoi was established and put into operation in 2013, is a famous beauty address, trusted by many women in Hanoi. With the operating criterion of “Awakening the hidden beauty in you”, De L’Amour Spa has helped many women find their own beauty and confidence. 

De L'Amour Spa – Professional Spa Hanoi Service
De L’Amour Spa – Professional Spa Hanoi Service

De L’Amour Spa offers the most professional spa, skin care and improvement services for women. The services of quality and outstanding of De L’Amour Spa that you can refer are:

  • Basic skin detox detoxification
  • Intensive skin care and body care
  • Acne treatment at the root
  • Skin whitening balm
  • Cell germ electrophoresis
  • Permanent hair removal.

Distinctive features


  • Reasonable price
  • Team with years of experience
  • The space is extremely elegant and minimalist
  • Space is a bit limited
  • Book a schedule via hotline number in advance

The space at De L’Amour Spa is designed in a minimalist style, extremely elegant and friendly. Although the space is not too fussy, it still meets the needs of relaxation for customers. It promises to bring customers the most comfortable and wonderful experience when coming to beauty at this Spa.

De L’Amour Spa is the “national spa” that makes high-tech spa services more accessible to everyone. Operating since 2013, with a team of technicians with many years of skilled experience, along with a system of modern equipment, De L’Amour Spa has received trust and satisfaction from customers.

4. La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa – Prestigious Spa Hanoi

The next name not to be missed in the top 10 most luxurious spas in Hanoi is La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa. The spa is located at 338C Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. This is a prestigious and highly appreciated spa Hanoi.

La Vie En Rose Spa in Hanoi 
La Vie En Rose Spa in Hanoi

La Vie En Rose always aims at professional, safe and effective skin care services that bring real effect and confidence to women. Spa is committed to using genuine cosmetics and beauty support products with the best quality, branded, clear and transparent origin. Because La Vie En Rose Beauty & Spa understands the importance of keeping credibility with customers.

Distinctive features


  • Products used with clear origin
  • Experienced staff serving customers
  • Book via hotline in advance

This address is for those of you who are constantly struggling with the dilemmas of your skin, spending a lot of money on skincare products or the wrong beauty methods that still do not work. When coming to La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa, you will be oriented towards the concept of proper skincare. Besides, coming to La Vie En Rose, you are not only professionally cared for but also consulted on suitable care programs so that you can do it yourself at home.

5. Shi Beauty & Spa Hanoi – 3 establishments located on major roads

  • Address: 154 Nghi Tam, Yen Phu, Hanoi
  • Branch 1: 6b Tran Quoc Toan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Branch 2: 57 Van Bao, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Shi Beauty&Spa CS2 49 Vạn Bảo
  • Hotline: 0944 473 333 & 0977 754 006

When it comes to the prestigious spa Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention Shi Beauty & Spa. This is a comprehensive beauty and beauty care complex with 3 facilities located on major roads in Hanoi to bring convenience in moving to customers. At Shi Beauty & Spa, you can be assured of trusting in modern services, equipment and machines. As well as the dedicated, working style of the team of doctors and staff of Shi Beauty & Spa is extremely  impressive and professional.

Shi Beauty & Spa was founded and run by a leadership team that has worked for many years in the health and beauty industry. Spa always aims to be a prestigious beauty care facility with the concept that natural and safe beauty is the best.  Shi Beauty & Spa always operates with the motto of putting customers at the center. From there, focus on the selection of products and technologies to ensure safety and transparency of origin.

Luxurious and cozy space at Shi Beauty & Spa
Luxurious and cozy space at Shi Beauty & Spa

Shi Beauty & Spa is famous for its leading acne treatment services in Hanoi. In addition, Spa also offers customers other diverse services such as:

  • Skin Care Services
  • Therapy Services
  • Body Care Services
  • Embroidery spraying, cosmetology services

Distinctive features


  • Convenient for moving because there are many facilities
  • Modern equipment
  • Experienced staff serving customers
  • It will be quite crowded on holidays, so book via hotline in advance
  • The price is a bit high

Decorated with white and yellow tones as the main color and coordinated with many greenery, Shi Beauty & Spa offers a pleasant, comfortable experience space with airiness. Coming to Shi Beauty & Spa, you will have great relaxing moments in a peaceful space with soothing music and sweet fragrance.

6. Amadora Wellness & Spa – authentic spa art

  • Address: 250 Ba Trieu Street, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
  • Branch 1: 50 Xuan Dieu, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Amadora Wellness & Spa
  • Hotline: 0906 263 590
  • Facebook:

Amadora Wellness & Spa Hanoi located under the shade of green, simple old trees. Amadora Wellness & Spa is a one-stop shop for experience enthusiasts. It is the ideal place for you and your loved ones to embark on the journey to enjoy a wonderful life. To immerse customers in the uplifting moments of authentic Spa art, Amadora Wellness & Spa offers special care services only available at this spa such as:

  • Shiatsu facials
  • Thal’ion France facials
  • Amadora Body Care
  • Exfoliating, Hand & Foot Massage
  • Caring for Men
  • Multifunctional hydrotherapy
Amadora Wellness Spa - 5-star luxury spa in the heart of Hanoi
Amadora Wellness Spa – 5-star luxury spa in the heart of Hanoi

The space of Amadora Wellness & Spa is designed with a “meditative” style, giving you a journey of experience of mind, spirit and body. The design and interior of this Cham Pa hallmark bring you to relax in peace and ethereal. Amadora is one of the few spas that meet international quality standards.

Distinctive features


  • “Meditative” space
  • Recognized as a Spa of international quality standards
  • Our team has many years of experience
  • It will be quite crowded on holidays, so book via hotline in advance
  • The price is a bit high

Amadora Wellness & Spa not only gives you confidence, natural beauty, full of vitality of youth but also promises to bring you great experiences.

7. Oanh Beauty Spa Hanoi – Murad’s Brand Ambassador

  • Address: 17 Pho Duc Chinh, Truc Bach Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Oanh Beauty Spa
  • Hotline: 0984 905 555 & 0981 382 345

As the leading prestigious beauty address in Hanoi with many years of experience in the spa industry, Oanh Beauty Spa will definitely be an indispensable name on this list. This place is loved by providing customers with extremely high-quality and effective skin care services. Oanh Beauty Spa was established in 2004 and is proud to be Murad’s brand ambassador. 

Oanh beauty spa Hanoi
Oanh beauty spa Hanoi

With nearly 20 years of professional experience and the application of Murad technology in the treatment process, Oanh Beauty Spa has never disappointed its customers.

Distinctive features


  • High quality skin care services
  • Wide range of services
  • Book a schedule via hotline number in advance

During its operation, Oanh Beauty Spa has always made continuous efforts in improving service quality and diversifying beauty care services. Besides, with a team of technicians and professional experts who are always dedicated to love the profession, Oanh Beauty Spa ensures quality with all services, bringing a great beauty experience to customers.

Coming to Oanh Beauty, you will experience intensive treatment and skin care procedures from the most famous cosmetic brands in the world. In a relaxing space and soft music, Oanh Beauty provides the following services:

  • Treatment of hidden acne, acne, blackheads
  • Treatment of inflammatory acne, swelling, acne
  • Melasma and environmental aging treatment
  • Collagen supplement therapy

Oanh Spa is always waiting for you when you have beauty and body care needs anytime, anywhere. Please call via hotline or page for more details about services as well as prices and operating hours.

8. Anam QT Spa – A place to sublimate emotions

  • Address: 9 Xuan Dieu, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Anam QT Spa
  • Hotline: 024 3928 6116 & 0902 286 116
  • Facebook:

Anam QT Spa Hanoi is a familiar beauty address for women and deserves to be named in the top 10 quality beauty spas in Hanoi. Anam QT Spa with a long history, was established in 1996. During 23 years of establishment and development, Anam QT Spa has always affirmed and renewed its brand in the eyes of customers as well as in the beauty and relaxation spa market in Vietnam.

Anam QT Spa - Luxury Spa in Hanoi
Anam QT Spa – Luxury Spa in Hanoi

When coming to Anam QT Spa, customers will experience quality relaxation and beauty care services such as: massage, facial, body care, nail care, hair care, hair removal, hair removal,… With a team of professional experts and dedicated service, customers will be extremely satisfied when experiencing the service here.

Distinctive features


  • Has been around for quite some time, since 1996
  • Wide range of services
  • Book a schedule via hotline number in advance

When coming to Anam QT Spa, customers will be slapped and cared for wholeheartedly to be beautiful from feet to hair. Not only that, the space of Anam QT Spa is very luxurious, cozy, designed and arranged reasonably in order to bring a comfortable relaxing space and the best service experience for customers.

9. Dr.Magic Skin & Clinic with 24K gold microneedle technology

Dr. Magic Skin & Clinic is one of the leading spa Hanoi addresses. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of skin care and treatment, Dr.Magic Skin & Clinic is always a pioneer in updating and applying the most advanced technologies and techniques in the field of skin care and treatment. The products used here are researched and trusted by professors, doctors and leading experts in Japan.

Space at Dr. Magic Skin & Clinic 
Space at Dr. Magic Skin & Clinic

Dr.Magic Skin & Clinic is famous for its skin care services with “divine” skin rejuvenation and renovation treatments. 24K gold microneedle technology at Dr.Magic, capable of: whitening and rejuvenating skin; providing nutrients, restoring damaged skin; Treatment of acne, darkening, scarring; Removing melasma, freckles.

Distinctive features


  • Advanced technology
  • 24K gold microneedle technology
  • 20 years of experience in the profession
  • Quite crowded on holidays

To choose for yourself an ideal beauty place without having to worry about price or service quality, Dr.Magic Skin & Clinic is a place worth considering!

10. YAKSON BEAUTY – international beauty brand from Korea

Yakson beauty is an international beauty brand from Korea with 40 years of traditional therapy Golki. Currently, Yakson spa Hanoi has covered the world with more than 120 therapy institutes. This place is famous as the leading treatment, health care and beauty center in Vietnam. With the treatment method completely using the hands, Yakson beauty brings absolute safety and good for the health of customers.

Distinctive features


  • Famous brand from Korea
  • Many facilities worldwide
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Quite crowded on holidays

Coming to Yakson beauty, your orchid will be comprehensively cared for, bringing natural and healthy beauty. This spa helps you to overcome all conditions on the face and skin such as: acne, freckles, age spots, melasma, dark spots along with lifting therapy to increase skin elasticity, tighten pores to give skin a glossy look.

Yakson Beauty - Aesthetic treatment institute of artisans
Yakson Beauty – Aesthetic treatment institute of artisans

With the mission of being a beauty salon with a long history and tradition, Yakson has an exclusive treatment method that is lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins in the body, for healthy skin from the inside. It can remove harmful impurities on the skin, improve sagging skin, aging and stimulate new skin regeneration. The customer’s face after the treatment process will become slimmer and more youthful.

Above is “Top 10 most advanced beauty spas in Hanoi” promising to bring you solutions to improve and protect your skin as well as physique. If you have had great experiences at the top 10 spa Hanoi mentioned above, please introduce this article to your friends right away!

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